Respect the neighborhood,
be part of the community

We are neighbors who care about the community, our city and our world. 



NOPNA was started in 1991 as a response to drug-related crime in the neighborhood.

The "Respect the Neighborhood" campaign was founded as a response to drug activity in the area at the time but has evolved to represent more than just a battle against crime; it is a mantra that means we want a clean and safe environment where every neighbor is respected and included in our community.

NOPNA Board members receive no compensation other than the neighborly goodwill. All programs and projects are initiated and maintained by volunteers who are passionate about creating a community that cares about each other.

If you have questions or any interest joining the NOPNA board, please contact





Jason Cauthen is a San Francisco native who loves Bay to Breakers.  He moved to this neighborhood in 2011 with his wife and kids.  When not working, commuting, or spending time with his family - Jason enjoys brief excursions on his bike.


Jeff Dewey and his wife, Megan, have lived in the neighborhood since 2010. Their six-year-old daughter is proud to be a NoPa native.


Charles Dupigny is the newly elected President of North Of Panhandle Neighborhood Association. He has been in neighborhood since 2010, and a NOPNA board member for 4 years. He loves to play soccer and bike, and hopes to keep creating an eclectic, diverse, and connected community.

Leela Gill, a 20+ year resident, enjoys the neighborhood with her two boys and husband.  She is active in NOPNA community safety and event planning.

Tim Hickey and his wife, Leah, have lived in the neighborhood since 2010 and can be seen with their son, Liam, biking and walking through the area. 


Mike Leeder is the Treasurer of the NOPNA Board.  In addition, Mike is a Co-Founder of Bytes for Bits, an after school organization teaching grade school kids to code software. Professionally, Mike has spent over a decade with Merrill Lynch and is currently a Senior Vice President.


Dera-Jill Pozner and her husband have lived around the Panhandle since 1999, including 11 years in the North Panhandle, where she also operates her architecture and design firm.


JJ Strahle is a past NOPNA Board President, serving in that role for three years.  He and his wife met while walking their dogs in the Panhandle.  They are now raising their two children her and sending them to local public schools.  JJ is focused on government-community relations, safety and promoting local businesses.


Noreen Vokić has lived in NOPA since 2013 with her husband Dom (NOPA resident since 2007). Noreen is a Nurse Practitioner at Stanford Hospital. When not working, Noreen enjoys cooking, traveling, running and spending time with her husband and daughter, Evie.


NOPNA is a non-profit organization of neighbors, who care about the community, our city, and our world. Our mission is to establish neighborhood unity, maintain multi-ethnic, multi-cultural diversity, foster a sense of neighborhood pride, promote a safe and clean community, and improve the quality of life for all residents of the neighborhood.