Fell and Oak Street Safety Project information Resources

As knowledge is essential for effective decision making, the board has been active accumulating information regarding potential safety improvements along the Panhandle Park corridor. We would like to share the following information with sources and clickable links:

  1.  SFMTA, a feasibility study on what the costs, considerations, and engineering challenges are
  2. SFDPH, a spreadsheet containing all 2005-2015 injury data from the SFPD and SF General Hospital ER for our neighborhood
  3. NOPNA archives, the results of the early 2016  Panhandle Park Survey results ;  
  4. NYDOT, images from a project in Brooklyn that SFMTA planners and engineers indicated could be examples for use in our corridor.

Below are some images of designs with clickable links that the SFMTA could install along Fell and Oak  and at bottom is the 2005-2015 injury data map for our area.