Safety Tips

Here are some ways you can improve your neighborhood safety

  1. Tell your neighbors to observe what is going on around them.
  2. Be alert, especially at night. Watch out for suspicious activity.
  3. If you see suspicious behavior, observe what is going on. Record date and time, license plates, what people are wearing, what they look like they are doing and then call 553-0123.
  4. Keep the sidewalks clear! The police can't notice suspicious activity if the sidewalks are blocked.

If you see an incident, or are a victim yourself, REPORT IT TO THE POLICE. (If you don't report it, it didn't happen!) Call these numbers:

  • Emergency (a serious crime is happening now): 911
  • Non-emergency dispatch (you want a squad car to come) 553-0123
  • Call Park Station you want to tell the police what you know about crime in the neighborhood

Contact if you want to join the NOPNA Safety Group.

Neighborhood Police Station

Park Station, 1899 Waller Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

    • Phone: (415) 242-3000
    • Non-emergency, dial: (415) 553-0123
    • Emergency: 911 (553-8090 from a 415 cellphone)
    • Anonymous Tip Line: (415) 575-4444
    • Narcotics Tip Line: 1-800 CRACK IT (272-2548)
    • Operation Outreach Homeless Issues: (415) 309-0806
    • Upper Haight St. Beat: (415) 706-7661
    • Special Events, Temporary No Parking: (415) 242-3032 (Sgt. Niland)
    • Email
    • Website

Weekly Crime Reports

Neighborhood  Fire Station - Station 21

1443 Grove St. (between Baker and Broderick)


District Attorney

George Gascon, District Attorney Hall of Justice 850 Bryant Street, Room 322 San Francisco, CA 94103 

(415) 553-1751

Assistant District Attorney’s JUVENILE DIV

  • Walter Aldridge 753-7706
  • Todd Barrett 753-7708


  • Michael Sullivan 553-1893
  • Patrick Mahoney 553-1214
  • Heather Trevisan 553-1552


  • Marshall Khine 553-1762
  • Jim Thompson 553-1647
  • Tiffany Sutton* 553-1581
  • Note Tiffany Sutton will specifically cover the Western Addition/Lower Haight which overlaps

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)

The importance of being prepared for an emergency is more important than ever. The Neighborhood Emergency Response Team is a great way to take a leadership role in the area and provide life-saving guidance to your neighbors in dire times.

Get trained. Save yourself, help others.

Jane Bliss & Rose Merryman Email: NERT

Safety Groups


Personal Safety for Children

Charity Scam Prevention

Identity Theft